Carbon Carnivore 5 Pin

    • Gear Tech Micro Pin Adjustment

      Allows for individual pin micro adjustment

    • 2” HD Carbon Sight Ring

      All of AXT’s sights have interchangeable sight rings – available in Green, Orange, Pink, Blue and Red – which makes it easy to customize your sight to match your bow

    • Micro-Adjustable

      “No-tool” thumb clamps allow for quick, easy loosening and tightening for micro-adjusting for windage and elevation

    • 5 x .019 Center Core Pin Technology

      Our fibers run through the pins – not outside them in a channel like other manufacturers – which protects the
      fibers when out in the field

    • Micro LED

      All of AXT’s sights come standard with Micro LED lights

    • Archer Xtreme logo

      To left hand use

  • Weighing in at only 8 ounces, the Carbon Carnivore comes with 5 pins and is one of the lightest sights in the industry. This Carbon hybrid sight uses a 100% Carbon sight housing and mounting arm resulting in XTREME weight reduction. The EZ Tech micro-adjust pin system allows you to easily adjust your pins individually. The Carnivore also features a Vibration Absorbing Coat (VAC) – a rubberized clear coat that significantly diminishes vibration. If you’re looking to reduce accessory weight on your bow, the Carbon Carnivore is the sight for you.