Titanium Xtreme

    • 2” HD sight ring

    • Micro adjust

    • 2nd & 3rd axis

    • 5 x .019” center core pin technology

    • NEW micro LED

  • logo-team-elkArcher Xtreme is the official sight company of Team Elk

    A Titanium Xtreme purchase ensures elk hunting for generations to come.

    Titanium has long been recognized for its superior characteristics of strength, durability and lightweight — making it a top choice of engineers for aircrafts, missiles, and rocket construction — and now the Xtreme archer’s top choice for bow sights! When you require only the best, you need titanium; specifically, you need the Titanium Xtreme™ from Archer Xtreme, the official sight of Team Elk (RMEF) and the only machined titanium bowsight in the world!

    The Titanium Xtreme starts with a two-inch titanium sight housing, which offers a superior field-of-view and enhanced target acquisition in low-light conditions. The Titanium Bracket Ridge system (TBR) provides unmatched strength and thanks to its titanium construction, will resist the elements. Archer Xtreme’s new HV Guard Ring system enhances accuracy by showing the slightest torque or misalignment of the sight housing and the peep sight for better alignment when making critical shots.

    • Available in Blackout /Ti Gray
    • Convertible to left hand use