Titanium Xtreme

    • 2” HD Titanium Sight Ring

      All of AXT’s sights have interchangeable sight rings – available in Green, Orange, Pink, Blue and Red – which make it easy to customize to match your bow

    • Micro-Adjustable

      Stainless steel allen set screws make it easy to loosen and tighten when micro-adjusting for windage and elevation

    • 5 x .019 Center Core Pin Technology

      Our fibers run through the pins – not outside them in a channel like other manufacturers – which protects the fibers when out in the field

    • Micro LED

      All of AXT’s sights come standard with Micro LED lights

    • Archer Xtreme logo

      To left hand use

  • logo-team-elkArcher Xtreme is the official sight company of Team Elk

    A Titanium Xtreme purchase ensures elk hunting for generations to come.

    The Titanium Xtreme is the ONLY machined titanium sight in the industry. Titanium is known for being XTREMELY lightweight, without loss of strength or durability, making it a top choice for engineers when designing aircraft, missiles, and rocket construction. With a 2-inch titanium sight housing offering a superior field-of-view for enhanced sight acquisition in low-light conditions and a Titanium Bracket Ridge (TBR) system that provides unmatched strength you’re sure to quickly become a believer in the benefits of titanium sight technology.