Nate Hoise, Randy Birdsong, Brandon Bates, Kristy Titus

AXT Warrior Built

Archer Xtreme is leading the industry with innovative archery accessories using the lightest and strongest materials available today – materials like Carbon Fiber, Titanium, 6061 T6 Aluminum, and Stainless Steel screws and fasteners. These materials combined with precision engineering result in increased accuracy – accuracy that equates to harvests in the field and wins on the 3D circuit.

We, at Archer Xtreme, refer to our customers as Warriors because they are the first on the mountain and the last to leave, no matter the conditions – they use AXT products because they have the strength and stamina to withstand any condition and put up with all the abuse that you, the Warrior, can dish out.

AXT Warrior Proven

Archer Xtreme’s products have been tested and proven by our Warriors – out in the field and at 3D shoots – for over 5 years. We stand behind our products with confidence and one of the best warranties in the industry. AXT products can handle any hunt, any time, anywhere!